BEL SUONO Piano magic show, Music

Three grand pianos, three young virtuoso pianists and their six flying hands will create a brilliant mix of classical, pop, rock and world soundtracks! Bel Suono - unique representatives of the piano crossover genre in Russia, as well as graduates of the most prestigious musical university of their homeland. They managed to win public recognition in many countries of the world: Israel, Monaco, Austria, Bulgaria, Switzerland ... Last summer, the trio performed successfully in the largest halls of Jurmala and Liepaja. On February 13 as part of of the European tour of St. Valentine's Day, the show of three pianos will present a program that will include Vivaldi and the Queen, Glinka and Brahms, Liszt and Maroon 5, Beethoven and Strauss, the Games of Thrones and other great works, which will be featured in the original Bel Suono author’s treatment! Do not miss this bright musical event in your city!

Start time: 13-04-2019 19:30

Category: Music

Rating: 9

Location: Rīgas Kongresu nams